LEAP Program

LEAP Investigator Small Grant Application

Dear LEAP Investigator Participants:

JCOIN provides an opportunity for all LEAP Investigators to apply for a small grant to conduct pilot work that will facilitate future investigator-initiated research proposals to extramural funders. These funds can be used for personnel (for you, a research associate, a biostatistician, student, etc.), equipment costs as part of research, payments to subjects, transcription costs, etc. We have budgeted $9,200 per participant to conduct the funded work over 12 to 18 months. It’s important to note that the $9,200 is for both direct and indirect costs. 

In our experience with the first cohort, institutions do want to receive indirect funds and it is up to you to negotiate the indirect rate with your institution. We strongly advise seeking the support of your supervisor or chair to assist with this negotiation. Most of the institutions in our first year chose to require a lesser indirect rate or waived an indirect rate given the small size of the grant. However, a couple have required a full rate which substantially reduces the scope of a project you are able to complete with the funds. 

If awarded, you will be required to work with your institution to complete a sub-award with the UMass Chan Medical School. Details on the contract will follow. 

Application Deadline:

LEAP Investigator Small Grant Application (2023)

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