LEAP Program

About LEAP

The Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network (JCOIN) is supporting research education and research capacity building via the JCOIN Coordination and Translation Center. The aims for capacity building are:

  • To advance the capacity and diversity of high impact research for populations involved with the health and criminal justice systems. More specifically, four sub-goals:
    1. To grow the research workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct ethical, rigorous research including partnering with justice and health agencies to conduct rigorous studies, recruitment & enrollment of subjects, use of informed consents, and problem solving in a variety of health, community, and justice settings.
    2. To enlist an array of community, health, and justice leaders to value and implement research findings in practice and to engage in collaborative research teams on the conduct of research.
    3. To motivate these learners to champion completion of research projects and fidelity of planned projects given the challenges of day-to-day operations.
    4. To expand and/or develop a pipeline of independent CJ/Health researchers for the field that can work in multidisciplinary teams.

Application Deadline:

The National Institutes of Health and leaders in the JCOIN community are particularly interested in recruiting participants who are underrepresented in science, health care and criminology. Applications are evaluated for both academic achievements and life experience achievements.

LEAP Scholar Track

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