VA/Justice Treatment Survey (005)


Study Information

Over half of all justice-involved veterans with opioid use disorder diagnoses at the Veterans Health Administration do not receive medications for opioid use disorder.

This administrative supplement was awarded to the Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research to survey the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) justice outreach staff and treatment providers about access to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD). The survey was linked with VHA facility-level data to help determine how a core implementation intervention should be tailored to the unique context of each facility to improve access to MOUD among veterans with justice involvement.

The goal of this supplement is to develop an intervention that is reflective of the most common sets of barriers and facilitators broadly identified across VHA facilities, as well as tailor aspects of the intervention to the unique circumstances of each VHA facility and their partnerships with the local criminal justice and community systems. The results from this research will have the potential to significantly improve the health and recovery of justice-involved veterans with opioid use disorder and advance public health.

Study Settings: Treatment/Healthcare Settings

Study Team

PI: Andrea Finlay

Palo Alto VA

Study Aims

• Conduct a national survey of VHA justice outreach and provider stakeholders’ perceptions of drivers of differences in facility-level access to OUD pharmacotherapy among justice-involved veterans

• Examine differences in stakeholders’ perceptions of drivers by facility prescribing rates

Research Type

Accelerator Supplement, Survey