JCOIN Training and Technical Assistance

Free Technical Assistance to Improve Access to Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Justice-Involved Individuals and to Facilitate Practitioner and Researcher Partnerships

Through learning opportunities and other forms of assistance, the JCOIN TTA program supports local and state justice and behavioral health agencies and stakeholders in integrating research and practice. Here you will find tailored resources and formats, including virtual learning and training opportunities, customized assistance and/or assessments, and other online resources.

JCOIN provides free training and technical assistance (TTA) to support community-based organizations in developing strategies to improve substance use disorder (SUD) treatment delivery and to facilitate practitioner and researcher partnerships. This support elevates research and evaluation in a variety of justice and health settings.

Ways to Access TTA

  • Virtual training
  • Customized assistance or assessment
  • Virtual learning or consultation
  • Informational resources
  • Peer-to-peer interactions
  • Website & web exchanges

Who is Eligible

  • State and local justice agencies
  • Behavioral health agencies that work with justice involved individuals
  • Researchers working in partnership with state and local justice agencies and associated behavioral health agencies

JCOIN TTA supports communities by:

  • Fostering practitioner and researcher partnerships to support the integration of evidence-informed research into daily practice
  • Helping to develop a cascade of care to measure how SUDs are handled by the justice and/or health systems
  • Advising on strategic planning processes
  • Tailoring TTA resources to local communities through customized needs assessments
  • Assessing treatment needs and gaps in service delivery
  • Developing and implementing strategies based on research evidence
  • Providing strategic planning regarding data collection
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer learning
  • Evaluating implemented strategies

JCOIN TTA supports these activities by helping applicants address challenges and issues such as:

  • Why would I want a research partner and how do I locate one?
  • Where can I find sources of funding for research and innovation?
  • How can I learn about scientific evidence and the latest research on addressing SUD in justice and behavioral health settings?
  • How do I design the evaluation of a new program?
  • Are there assessment tools we should be using?
  • Why is implementation difficult and how can research help us address these challenges?
  • I heard about an innovative program in another jurisdiction—how can I learn more?
  • What research issues arise in relation to the protection of human subjects? What is an institutional review board (IRB)? Where do we go for help?
  • We plan to conduct a survey. Are there field-tested survey instruments we can use?

If you have any questions about JCOIN TTA or would like additional information, please contact [email protected].

Funding for this initiative was provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.