Testing a Learning Health System in Juvenile Justice Settings (036)


Study Information

The Indiana University School of Medicine JCOIN Research Center aims to improve treatment linkages and care coordination within the eight juvenile justice systems across Indiana. To address current gaps, the study is implementing a Learning Health System (LHS) to improve collaboration between juvenile justice agencies and community mental health centers, using interagency data-sharing to help identify gaps and opportunities to implement evidence-based interventions.

The goal of this study is to identify mechanisms to improve interagency collaboration; enhance prevention and treatment service delivery along the opioid care cascade; and improve outcomes for justice-involved youth at high risk of developing a substance use disorder.

Study Settings: Juvenile Justice, Treatment/Healthcare Settings

Study Location: Indiana

Study Team

PI: Matt Aalsma

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Study Aims

• Create alliances between the juvenile justice system and community mental health centers

• Improve services targeting at-risk youth

• Generate and track local solutions to address continuum of care gaps in rural counties

• Assess the long-term, community-wide effects of these interventions on public health and safety outcomes

Research Type

Clinical Trial, Linkage Strategies