The Transitions Clinic Network: Post Incarceration Addiction Treatment, Healthcare, and Social Support (TCN-PATHS): A hybrid type-1 effectiveness trial of enhanced primary care to improve opioid use disorder treatment outcomes following release from jail


This hybrid-type 1 effectiveness/implementation study will assess the effectiveness of the Transitions Clinic Network (TCN) among 800 individuals on medication for opioid use disorder in improving treatment measures in the opioid treatment cascade compared to standard primary care. TCN provides opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment and enhanced primary care for individuals released from incarceration. The effect of social determinants of health on success of the program and opioid cascade measures as well as cost-effectiveness, barriers, and facilitators to TCN will also be analyzed.

Publication Year: 2021

Lead Author: Benjamin Howell

Journal: Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment

Grant number:  UG1DA050072

Link to NIH Reporter record:

Publication Type(s): Protocol Paper

JCOIN Hub/Center: Yale-TCN Hub