Optimizing the impact of medications for opioid use disorder at release from prison and jail settings: A microsimulation modeling study


This study used a microsimulation model to analyze the potential differences in rates of post-release opioid-related overdoses in Rhode Island resulting from three specific interventions: extended-release (XR) naltrexone only, access to all three medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) (methadone, buprenorphine, XR-naltrexone), and standard of care (limited access to MOUD). Based on this model, over a simulated eight-year period with a population of 55,000 persons in Rhode Island, providing access to all three MOUD could prevent more opioid-related overdose deaths than XR-naltrexone alone or the current standard of care.

Publication Year: 2021

Lead Author: Alexandria Macmadu

Journal: International Journal of Drug Policy

Publication Type(s): Modeling, MOUD Services

JCOIN Hub/Center: Brown Univ. Hub