One guy goes to jail, two people are ready to take his spot: Perspectives on drug-induced homicide laws among incarcerated individuals


This study used semi-structured qualitative interviews to gather perceptions regarding the Rhode Island drug-induced homicide law from 40 incarcerated individuals enrolled in medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. This law provides up to life-in-prison for selling, distributing, or delivering a drug that subsequently leads to a fatal overdose. Although responses varied, the majority of participants did not support this measure, citing doubt that the law would change the behavior of drug manufacturers and distributors, and could lead to adverse effects such as an increase in violence to avoid law enforcement or fear of calling emergency services for an overdose.

Publication Year: 2019

Lead Author: Meghan Peterson

Journal: International Journal of Drug Policy

Publication Type(s): Qualitative, Policy

JCOIN Hub/Center: Brown Univ. Hub