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Season 1 Episode Guide & One-Pagers

Episode 1: Language Matters

The words we use to describe certain individuals or groups matter greatly. Words possess indirect connotation or tone beyond their direct meanings. This episode considers language around individuals and groups involved with the criminal legal system and offers suggestions for how to make sure language is specific, stigma-free, and humanizing. This episode fits nicely with the JCOIN goal of capacity building and enhances the entire LEAP curriculum.

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Episode 2: Culture & Climate

The way things work inside an organization or “how things get done” is what we commonly refer to as the culture or climate of an organization. But culture is more than just that…it is often a facilitator or a barrier to change and reform AND studying it is hard. In this episode, we discuss the many layers of culture and climate and why/how each matters. The episode pairs perfectly with the LEAP Learners Course on Justice Cultures by Dr. David Farabee and the Correctional Staff course by Dr. Lauren Brinkley-Rubenstein.

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Episode 3: Prison Research

We. Need. More. Prison Research. However, access is not always easy. This episode discusses some of the challenges researchers face when doing, or trying to do, research in prisons and offers some suggestions to bolster relationships with carceral institutions that yield data, findings, and…more research. This episode is a wonderful accompaniment to all of the LEAP Learners courses.
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Episode 4: Co-Producing Knowledge

You’ve probably heard of researcher-practitioner partnerships…the ways that science and practice can collaborate. But, have you heard of co-producing knowledge? This episode covers this important topic by taking these relationships further than just how they’re formed…and into what amazing things can be accomplished when scientists and practitioners team up. You’ll find that this episode is a great companion to the LEAP Justice Cultures and Correctional Staff courses.
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Episode 5: Research Ethics

There are so many things for researchers to consider when conducting research inside prisons and/or jails. One important part of this research is the ethical concerns around consent and confidentiality. This podcast episode pairs nicely with the LEAP course in Justice Cultures by Dr. David Farabee by engaging listeners with important ethical concerns and offering some practical advice to avoid ethical pitfalls.
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Episode 6: Mixed Methods

Yes, a podcast episode about research methods! Yes, it’s format is fun, interesting, and user-friendly…even though the title is a bit boring. Methods are how researchers conduct their studies and mixed methods means they use multiple methods simultaneously to gather richer data to answer their questions. This podcast provides some explanation for methods terms and ideas that may baffle you….and it pairs wonderfully with Dr. Liz Evans’ LEAP Learners Course on Mixed Methods.
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Episode 7: Implementation Science

Did you know that Implementation Science is a specific way of examining HOW organizations implement (or start doing) evidence-based practices (EBPs)… practices that are backed by science? If you don’t already know much about implementation science, this podcast was literally created for you. Try listening to this and then engaging in the LEAP Learners’ course by Dr. Gregory Aarons on Implementation Science. You’ll be amazed what you’ll learn.

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Episode 8: Risk/Needs

This episode considers the ever-important topic of the risks and needs of individuals on community supervision like probation or parole. While researchers and some practitioners are learning more about risk and needs, there are still a LOT of unanswered questions like which risks and needs matter most and how they are best addressed. This podcast looks deep into this question using an easy-to-comprehend example of grocery shopping. Confused? Don’t be…have a listen.


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Episode 9: PO & EBP

This episode considers how attitudes, leadership, and training matter for probation officers when using evidence based practices with clients. The study it covers is straight-forward and simple to understand but this podcast breaks it down even further for listeners and provides some common sense take-aways from the science.


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Episode 10: HOPE

This podcast episode takes listeners on a cross-country road-trip from study site to study site looking deep into the Honest Opportunity Probation Enforcement program. It starts in Hawaii but weaves its way through four other field sites with differing results. Tune in and see if there is hope for HOPE, (or not).
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