JCOIN Launches New Flipbook Celebrating JCOIN Learning Experiences to Advance Practice (LEAP) Scholars and Investigators

The Capacity Building Core, which is part of JCOIN’s Coordination and Translation Center (CTC), has launched the Learning Experiences to Advance Practice (LEAP) education program to support Investigators and Scholars with training and knowledge to conduct research and build research capacity within criminal legal and health settings.

The LEAP program is a one—to two-year pilot education program that aims to advance the capacity and diversity of high-impact research to improve the health of populations involved with the criminal legal systems by offering specialized training and skill-development curricula for early career academics, students, and individuals working in the community.

Over the past four years, there have been 24 participants part of the two-year LEAP Investigator program and 66 participants part of the one-year LEAP Scholar program. The following flipbook highlights these individuals and their contributions to the fields.

View the flipbook of 2019-2024 LEAP participants