Health Economics Analyses of JCOIN Clinical Trials (063)


Study Information

JCOIN will generate real-world evidence to address the unique needs of people with opioid use disorder (OUD) in justice settings. Evidence regarding the economic value of OUD interventions in justice populations is limited. Moreover, the variation in economic study designs is a barrier to defining specific interventions as broadly cost-effective. The JCOIN Health Economics Analytic Team (HEAT) has worked closely with the Measures Committee to incorporate common economic measures and instruments across JCOIN studies, which will: a) ensure rigorous economic evaluations within each trial; b) enhance comparability of findings across studies; and c) allow for cross-study analyses of trials with similar designs/settings (e.g., pre-reentry MOUD), to assess questions beyond the scope of a single study, while controlling for and evaluating the effect of intervention-, organizational-, and population-level characteristics. Plans for economic evaluations across JCOIN trials are discussed further in a protocol paper published in a special issue of JSAT.

Study Team

PI: Sean Murphy, Ph.D.

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