Extending SIC-Coaching for Justice-Involved Parents (011)


Study Information

This Administrative Supplement request, DAT: Extending SIC-Coaching to Address Opioid and Methamphetamine Abuse in Parents Involved in the Child Welfare and Criminal Justice Systems, builds upon the work proposed in the parent grant (Facilitating Sustainment Through Implementation Feedback: The SIC Coaching Model; 1 R01 DA044745-01), by extending it to develop an empirically-based implementation approach for a supported intervention to address the needs of families affected by the rapid rise in opioid and methamphetamine addiction.

The overarching goal of this supplement is to operationalize and develop associated materials for the successful implementation of the Families Actively Improving Relationships (FAIR) program, a relatively new intervention that has demonstrated clinical effectiveness and is primed for broader implementation. FAIR provides comprehensive treatment to families referred for parental substance abuse (heroin, opioids, and methamphetamine) and works with populations that cross the child welfare, criminal justice, mental health, and social service systems.

A detailed implementation approach, including organizational assessment tools (e.g. feasibility assessment, readiness checklist) specific to FAIR will be created, including remote coaching manuals. These procedures and resources will be integrated into the existing technology and coaching infrastructure used by the investigative team in their other remote scale-up projects. The result will be a standardized implementation process, including all associated materials, that will position FAIR for scale-up in real-world communities in response to the increasing need for evidence-based treatments for parental opioid and methamphetamine use.

Study Settings: Child Welfare

Study Team

PI: Lisa Saldana


Study Aims

• Extend analyses proposed in the parent grant to identify implementation activities that are most important for predicting sustainable programs

• Collect qualitative data from experienced FAIR providers, administrators, and cross-system community collaborators to inform the development of training and implementation materials

• Create products necessary for large scale-up of FAIR

Research Type

Accelerator Supplement