Steps for Setting Up Your Biosketch

Here are the basic steps for setting up your biosketch (make sure to read through these and the tips on the next page before you get started):

  1. Log into My NCBI.
  2. Ensure that your NCBI account is linked to your eRA Commons account. Click on your username in the upper righthand corner, go to the Linked Accounts box, and verify (or add) "NIH and eRA Commons."
  3. In My NCBI, find the SciENcv box. Click on "Click here to create a new CV." If you have already created a biosketch, click on "Manage SciENcv".
  4. Choose NIH Biosketch as format.
  5. Choose External Source as the data source and select eRA Commons.
  6. Choose Private as privacy setting.

This guide will walk you through the entire process in detail: My NCBI Help SciENcv.