Associations between partisan media consumption, opioid use disorder stigma, and opioid policy support: An exploration of the media’s role in the ongoing opioid epidemic


We report on a preliminary investigation into the relationship between partisan media consumption (PMC) among U.S. adults and their (1) opioid use disorder (OUD) stigma, (2) national OUD policy support (e.g., Medicaid coverage for OUD treatment), (3) local OUD policy support (e.g., safe injection sites), (4) discriminatory OUD policies (e.g., denying housing), and (5) carceral OUD policies (e.g., jailing people who use opioids).

Associated JCOIN Study Title: AmeriSpeak Brief Opioid Stigma Survey (026)

Publication Year: 2023

Lead Author: Alex Kresovich

Journal: Preventive Medicine