Chestnut Health Systems

The Chestnut Health Systems Hub is comparing the effectiveness of the Recovery Management Checkups (RMC) model, an evidence-based intervention that provides regular, fixed schedule checkups to support treatment retention and recovery, with an adaptive model (RMC-Adapted) that tailors checkup frequency and intensity to individuals’ needs. Each condition offers justice-involved individuals referral or assertive linkage to a designated treatment provider upon release from jail. The study will be conducted in six county jails across Illinois, with the goal of increasing linkage to and retention in evidence-based treatment in the community, while reducing relapse and recidivism.

Study Aims

Compare the effectiveness of the RMC model to the RMC-Adapted model

Facilitate linkage to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and other treatment services upon release from jail

Measure outcomes including MOUD initiation, retention, relapse and recidivism

Estimate the costs and cost effectiveness of implementing adaptive RMCs

Study Sites


Study Settings

Jails (6)

Principal Investigators

MLD_7 7-15-21

Michael L. Dennis

PhD, Lighthouse Institute at Chestnut Health Systems


Christine E. Grella

PhD, Lighthouse Institute at Chestnut Health Systems

Health Agency Partner

  • Ronald Vlasaty, Family Guidance Centers

Justice Agency Partner

  • Marianne Kelley, Cook County Sheriff’s Office