Linkage Intervention for Justice-Involved Adolescents (010)

Overcoming barriers to substance use (SU) screening and enrollment in SU care is, therefore, central to decreasing JIY’s negative HIV-related outcomes. Intensive efforts to increase screening and improve linkage to HIV (including PrEP for HIV– youth who are behaviorally eligible) and SU services for JIY are needed that address youth as well as justice and health/behavioral health system-level barriers. This project studied the impact of embedding HIV testing outreach workers from a youth focused medical and HIV treatment program into and alternative sentencing program (ASP) to deliver a new service delivery model (Link2CARE) that integrates evidenced-based protocols for justice-involved youth to a) promote HIV and STI testing, HIV and SU risk screening; b) provide onsite intervention; and c) cross-system linkage to HIV, STI and SU care.

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