Standard vs Adaptive Recovery Management Checkups (033)


Study Information

The Chestnut Health Systems JCOIN Research Center is comparing the effectiveness of the Recovery Management Checkups (RMC) model, an evidence-based intervention that provides regular, fixed schedule check-ups to support treatment retention and recovery, and an adaptive model (RMC-Adapted) that tailors check-up frequency and intensity to individuals’ needs. Each condition offers justice-involved individuals referral or assertive linkage to a designated treatment provider upon release from jail.

The study will be conducted in six county jails across Illinois, with the goal of increasing linkage to, and retention in, evidence-based treatment in the community, while reducing relapse and recidivism.

Study Settings: Jails/Prisons, Treatment/Healthcare Settings

Study Location: Illinois

Grant number: UG1DA050065

Link to NIH Reporter record:

Study Team

PI: Michael Dennis, Christine Grella

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Study Aims

• Compare the effectiveness of the RMC model to the RMC-Adapted model

• Facilitate linkage to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) and other treatment services upon release from jail

• Measure outcomes including MOUD initiation, retention, relapse and recidivism

• Estimate the costs and cost effectiveness of implementing adaptive RMCs

Research Type

Clinical Trial, Linkage Strategies