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Assessment of structural barriers and racial group disparities of COVID-19 mortality with spatial analysis

  • Modeling
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Association Between Assistance With Medicaid Enrollment and Use of Health Care After Incarceration Among Adults With a History of Substance Use

  • Reentry

Association of census tract-level incarceration rate and life expectancy in New York State

  • Geospatial

Association of random and observed urine drug screening with long-term retention in opioid treatment programs

Associations between partisan media consumption, opioid use disorder stigma, and opioid policy support: An exploration of the media’s role in the ongoing opioid epidemic

At risk and underserved: Veterans treatment court team member perspectives on service delivery challenges

  • Courts

At the Crossroads in the opioid overdose epidemic: Will evidence-based “radical” but rational drug policy strategies prevail?

Availability of best practices for opioid use disorder in jails and related training and resource needs: findings from a national interview study of jails in heavily impacted counties in the U.S.

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Barriers and poor telephone counseling experiences among patients receiving MOUD

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Breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections in prison after vaccination