PDAPS Policy Datasets (001)


Study Information

This study deployed a unique substance use-specific policy lab called the Drug Outcome Policy Evaluation (DOPE) to better understand the impact of state policies and subsequent health. DOPE expands on the Prescription Drug Abuse Policy System (PDAPS) and the Drug Abuse Policy System (DAPS) to track state policies aimed to address the toll of opioid misuse and will rank policies or policy features across states and measure their effects on population health.

PDAPS is an online resource of rigorous legal data for researchers and detailed policy information on topics related to laws aimed at addressing the opioid epidemic, including datasets, protocols, and peer-reviewed publications related to justice-involved populations and access to medication for opioid use disorder.

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Study Team

PI: Mark Rose


Study Aims

The study examines legal data to track key state laws including:

• State opioid-related policies relevant to the criminal justice system

• State laws authorizing third-party prescribing and lay administration of the standard antidote to opioid overdose

• State laws providing protection from criminal sanctions to overdose victims or witnesses who seek emergency services

• State laws and regulations governing the production, transport, sale, quality and consumption of marijuana for therapeutic purposes

• State laws and regulations on various legal mechanisms used to control access to opioids

• State laws and regulations governing the operation and use of programs tracking prescription and dispensing of controlled substances

Research Type

Accelerator Supplement, Policy Scan