Measuring Community Vulnerability to COVID/OUD (051)


Study Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many additional challenges for patients with opioid use disorder, including disrupted treatment and support systems, mental health issues related with social distancing, as well as increasing financial and economic stressors. Applying a racial, social, and spatial equity lens, this project first develops a new COVID-19 community typology measures considering county level associations of COVID-19 health outcomes, access to resources, state-wide policy trends, mobility patterns, and community contextual data. After this, this project explores the intersection between these COVID-19 community typology measures and the multi-dimensional risk environment impacting opioid use in justice populations across the United States, including spatial access to opioid use disorder treatment. As such, we identify communities with different dimensions of vulnerability in the syndemic of opioid and COVID-19.  This project was supported in part through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Study Team

PI: Marynia Kolak

Research Type

Modeling Project