Mapping Federal Opioid Investments (025)


Study Information

The University of Chicago is conducting a large-scale environmental scan of federally funded substance use-related initiatives and resources to understand how funds and resources are distributed across states. The study will also explore urban and rural differences, differences across areas based upon local drug use epidemiology, and availability of service resources and how federal funds are addressing opioid use disorders and other emerging drug-related challenges. Data will be collected through state policymaker surveys, reviews of federal funding materials, local stakeholder, and federal agency interviews. The goal of this research is to map the areas where these funds are focused, why those areas were selected, and differences between the areas, as well as to examine the long-term sustainability of this type of funding and to propose any policy changes needed.

Funding for this initiative was provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Study Team

PI: Colleen Grogan

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Study Aims

• Understand how the current allocation of federal funds align with observed national patterns of the opioid epidemic

• Assess how federal funding streams address urban-rural and other disparities in access to treatment and service resources and in the creation of sustainable infrastructure to address substance use disorders

•Examine how federal initiatives specifically support justice system actors in serving individuals with OUD

• Determine how federal funding streams provided to address the opioid epidemic complement or displace efforts to address other significant challenges and emerging threats such as rising methamphetamine mortality

• Assess how federal funding streams interact with Medicaid in addressing substance use disorders

• Assess how local areas address sustainability as they deploy time-limited forms of federal funding

Research Type

Modeling Project