Analysis of Fentanyl Mentions in Social Media (069)


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This study seeks to understand public attitudes and knowledge of fentanyl through an analysis of discussions on popular social media sites (Facebook and Instagram) since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to understand the types and sources of fentanyl content being shared the most on social media. This analysis will describe the tenor of the predominant fentanyl conversation on social media, the leading players in the conversation on these social media platforms, and compare differences in the content with the most engagement and accounts that posted the content across the two platforms. Specifically, this analysis of the discussion of fentanyl on Facebook and Instagram will characterize the most influential sources participating in the conversation and provide a thematic analysis of the content (i.e., celebrity overdose, drug seizures, overdose (other), personal narratives), and discuss the implications of the content across other media outlets and audiences.

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PI: Bruce Taylor

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