In Silico JCOIN Trial Models (018)


Study Information

Computational analogues of the JCOIN clinical research centers, so called in silico clinical trials, in the form of data-driven, agent-based network models (ABNMs), can provide a variety of simulation-based analyses to investigate longer-term health outcomes beyond the clinical trial timelines. Building on the Justice-Community Circulation Model (JCCM), The University of Chicago will apply the JCCM framework to develop in silico versions of JCOIN’s clinical research trials to run computational trials such as optimizing cross-study combinations of interventions or tracking additional and emerging outcomes. Outcomes from this study can be used to investigate current trials and potentially inform future opioid use disorder clinical trial designs.

Grant number: U2CDA050098

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Study Team

PI: John Schneider

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Study Aims

• Understand what are the factors that enhance long-acting injectable interventions

• Assess the longer-term outcomes of engagement in care and overdose prevention among participants in long-acting injectable trials

Research Type

Modeling Project