Watch Now: Recordings from JCOIN’s September 2022 Steering Committee Meeting

The JCOIN Steering Committee Meeting was held September 19-20, 2022. Below are recorded sessions available for rewatch.

Session #1: State of JCOIN and Hub Highlights
Chairs: Tisha Wiley, Lori Ducharme

Following a brief update on JCOIN’s achievements over its first 3 years, each hub and center will have 5 minutes to present an exciting recent highlight or accomplishment of their choosing.

Watch the recording here.

Session #2: Highlights from the LEAP Scholars/Investigators Program
Chairs: Warren Ferguson,  Jessica Hulsey

The JCOIN LEAP Scholar’s program supports clinicians, criminologists, analysts, and early career graduate students interested in collaborating on research in justice settings. Twenty-seven (27) participants have completed the one-year training and another 20 participants are active at this time. During this session, program evaluation results will be followed by a panel of five individuals who have completed the program who will describe the impact of the program from their perspectives.

    • Panelists: Antonietta DeAngelis (Massachusetts Courts), Rachael Matulis (Bowling Business Strategies), Pam Carey (Texas Department of Criminal Justice), Ed Hayes (Franklin County Sheriff’s Office), Deza’Rae Collins (Ohio State University School of Public Health)

Watch the recording here.

Session #3: Discussion Session: Mobile Health Units
Chair: Nick Zaller

We’ll hear about early experiences incorporating MHUs in service delivery and in research, and discuss lessons learned, implications for treatment services, and need for additional research on implementation/effectiveness.

    • Panelists: Ron Vlasaty (Chestnut Hub), Linda Hurley (Brown Hub), Sandy Springer (Yale-ACTION Hub), Randi Proffitt (TCU Hub)

Watch the recording here.

Session #4: Poster Session
Chairs: Lori Ducharme

In this rapid-fire poster session, research teams have been invited to provide brief (5-minute) presentations on a research finding, or to re-share a poster presented at a 2022 conference.

Watch the recording here.

Session #5: Discussion Session: Policy Trends and Research Gaps around SUD in Justice Systems
Chair: Tisha Wiley

We’ll discuss how recent and emerging policy trends (e.g., bail reform, COVID-era flexibilities, decriminalization, etc.) are influencing how services are delivered and how we conduct research to study them. Within these changing contexts, what practical issues need a broader evidence base to support SUD service delivery in justice systems?

    • Panelists: Panelists: Brandon del Pozo (Brown University); Elizabeth Waddell (OHSU); Marc Swogger (University of Rochester Medical Center); Heidi Grunwald and Jonathan Larsen (Temple University)

Watch the recording here.

Session #6: Partner/Stakeholder Discussion
Chairs: Jessica Hulsey, Joel Johnson

Insights on myths and misinformation as barriers to implementing evidence-based SUD services. What are the biggest information barriers, and what can JCOIN do to address them?

Watch the recording here.