Watch Now: Recordings from JCOIN’s September 2022 Steering Committee Meeting

The JCOIN Steering Committee Meeting was held September 19-20, 2022. Below are recorded sessions available for rewatch.

Session #1: State of JCOIN and Hub Highlights
Chairs: Tisha Wiley, Lori Ducharme

Following a brief update on JCOIN’s achievements over its first 3 years, each hub and center will have 5 minutes to present an exciting recent highlight or accomplishment of their choosing.

Watch the recording here.

Session #2: Highlights from the LEAP Scholars/Investigators Program
Chairs: Warren Ferguson,  Jessica Hulsey

The JCOIN LEAP Scholar’s program supports clinicians, criminologists, analysts, and early career graduate students interested in collaborating on research in justice settings. Twenty-seven (27) participants have completed the one-year training and another 20 participants are active at this time. During this session, program evaluation results will be followed by a panel of five individuals who have completed the program who will describe the impact of the program from their perspectives.

    • Panelists: Antonietta DeAngelis (Massachusetts Courts), Rachael Matulis (Bowling Business Strategies), Pam Carey (Texas Department of Criminal Justice), Ed Hayes (Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)

Watch the recording here.

Session #3: Discussion Session: Mobile Health Units
Chair: Nick Zaller

We’ll hear about early experiences incorporating MHUs in service delivery and in research, and discuss lessons learned, implications for treatment services, and need for additional research on implementation/effectiveness.

    • Panelists: Ron Vlasaty (Chestnut Hub), Linda Hurley (Brown Hub), Sandy Springer (Yale-ACTION Hub), Randi Proffitt (TCU Hub)

Watch the recording here.

Session #4: Poster Session
Chairs: Lori Ducharme

In this rapid-fire poster session, research teams have been invited to provide brief (5-minute) presentations on a research finding, or to re-share a poster presented at a 2022 conference.

Watch the recording here.

Session #5: Discussion Session: Policy Trends and Research Gaps around SUD in Justice Systems
Chair: Tisha Wiley

We’ll discuss how recent and emerging policy trends (e.g., bail reform, COVID-era flexibilities, decriminalization, etc.) are influencing how services are delivered and how we conduct research to study them. Within these changing contexts, what practical issues need a broader evidence base to support SUD service delivery in justice systems?

    • Panelists: Panelists: Brandon del Pozo (Brown University); Elizabeth Waddell (OHSU); Marc Swogger (University of Rochester Medical Center); Heidi Grunwald and Jonathan Larsen (Temple University)

Watch the recording here.

Session #6: Partner/Stakeholder Discussion
Chairs: Jessica Hulsey, Joel Johnson

Insights on myths and misinformation as barriers to implementing evidence-based SUD services. What are the biggest information barriers, and what can JCOIN do to address them?

Watch the recording here.