Opioid Use Disorder Stigma, Discrimination, and Policy Attitudes in a National Sample of U.S. Young Adults


This study analyzed the attitudes of young adults (19-29 years) in the United States toward persons with opioid use disorder (OUD) through the lens of social stigma, discrimination, and policy attitudes. On average, although young adults supported treatment-oriented policies for those with opioid use disorder, they also endorsed moderate levels of stigma and discrimination. Increased stigma and discrimination were also associated with older age and less familiarity or personal experience with OUD.

Associated JCOIN Study Title: AmeriSpeak Brief Opioid Stigma Survey (026)

Publication Year: 2021

Lead Author: Zachary Adams

Journal: Journal of Adolescent Health

Publication Type(s): Survey Finding, Stigma

JCOIN Hub/Center: U Chicago Hub