Medication-Assisted Treatment in Problem-solving Courts: A National Survey of State and Local Court Coordinators


This paper reports on a national survey of PSCs (N = 42 state-wide court coordinators; N = 849 local court coordinators) and examines the structural factors that could explain the likelihood of a local PSC authorizing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and MAT utilization. Results of the analyses indicate that MAT availability at the county level was a significant predictor of the likelihood of local courts authorizing MAT. Adoption and use of treatment innovations like MAT are affected by coordinators’ perceptions of MAT as well as structural factors such as the availability of the medications in the community and funding resources. The study has important implications for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

Publication Year: 2022

Lead Author: Fanni Farago

Journal: Journal of Drug Issues

Publication Type(s): MOUD Services, Courts

JCOIN Hub/Center: Friends Research Hub