Maltreatment, resilience, and sexual relationship power in a sample of justice-involved women with opioid use disorder


Publication Year: 2024

Lead Author: Jaxin Annett

Journal: J Trauma Stress

Justice-involved women frequently report maltreatment and intimate relationships characterized by violence and abuse throughout adulthood. The present study aimed to (a) investigate the association between victimization and sexual relationship power (SRP) among justice-involved women with opioid use disorder (OUD) and (b) explore resilience as a potential moderating factor of the association between victimization and SRP. Justice-involved women (N = 700) were randomly selected from eight jails in Kentucky, screened for OUD, consented to participate, and interviewed by research staff. SRP was examined using the Sexual Relationship Power Scale, a validated instrument with two distinct subscales measuring decision-making dominance (DMD) and relationship control (RC); prior maltreatment was measured using the Global Appraisal of Individual Needs General Victimization Scale, and resilience was assessed using the Brief Resilience Scale. Significant negative associations between maltreatment and the SRP were observed, ps < .001. Resilience moderated the association between maltreatment and DMD, p = .005; however, resilience did not moderate the associations between maltreatment and SRP, p = .141, or RC, p = .735. These findings highlight the importance of increasing resilience in justice-involved women with OUD to reduce the impact of maltreatment on SRP.