Download Volume 1 of JTEC Magazine (PDF)

JTEC magazine coverThe JCOIN Training & Engagement Center (JTEC) is a free educational platform for criminal legal and health professionals. JTEC was developed as part of the CTC website to provide pandemic-friendly learning resources for a variety of audiences. As of Spring 2024, JTEC hosts over 60 courses, more than 30 recorded webinars, 8 quick lessons, and over 70 podcast episodes.

JTEC’s reach extends far beyond JCOIN. Our partners distribute the courses throughout their extensive networks to those who will benefit from the material, such as law enforcement, judges, people working in behavioral health, and families impacted by addiction. Some organizations have incorporated our courses in hybrid trainings, and JTEC courses and the Aced It podcast have been used in educational curricula from middle school to graduate school.

Learn more and explore JTEC offerings: Download Volume 1 of JTEC Magazine (PDF).