Collaboration and growth in a large research cooperative: A network analytic approach


Research networks encourage team science and facilitate collaboration within and across research teams. While many analyses have examined the output of these collaborative networks (e.g., authorship networks, publications, grant applications), less attention has been paid to the formative phases of these initiatives. This article presents analyses of a whole-network survey of investigators participating in a new research initiative, and examines the development of collaborative ties over the network’s first year. In particular, we examine the influence of research center affiliation, seniority, and prior network experience on the number and structure of collaborative ties, including participants’ bridging and broker roles. Such analyses can inform the overall management of the project in purposefully promoting new collaboration opportunities, and may ultimately predict the number of collaborative products generated by the network members.

Associated JCOIN Study Title: Dynamic Network Collaboration Study (029)

Publication Year: 2023

Lead Author: Lori Ducharme

Journal: Evaluation and Program Planning

Publication Type(s): Survey Finding, Modeling