Career Opportunities at NIDA

The Division of Epidemiology Services and Prevention Research, Service Research Branch, seeks to hire:


Two Program Officials to provide leadership and direction for a dynamic and growing portfolio focused on addiction health services research and related clinical trials. NIDA’s Services Research Branch (SRB) supports rigorous research to improve population health by maximizing the efficient delivery of high-quality, personalized addiction treatment and related services. SRB seeks advance science to inform the design and implementation of stigma-free patient-centered systems of care so that people who experience addiction can recover and sustain their recovery over the long-term. Key duties of the Program Official will include but are not limited to:

  • Contributing to large-scale initiatives focused on translating research to practice to reduce overdose deaths (e.g., Justice Community Opioid Innovation Network, HEAL Data2Action, Integrative Management of chronic Pain and OUD for Whole Recovery (IMPOWR))
  • Providing advice in program planning and evaluation and providing administrative oversight to research grants and interagency agreements supporting research projects
  • Developing new portfolio areas to advance the field of addiction health services research


One Program Official to provide leadership and direction for a research program of national and international scope, performing a wide variety of duties and responsibilities relating to the administration of a large grant portfolio with expertise in drug markets as they apply to emerging substance use and in particular the opioid crisis. Key duties of the Program Official in the Epidemiology Research Branch (ERB) will include but are not limited to:

  • Establish specific research priorities in the areas of drug markets and their impacts, characterizing of the opioid crisis and other potential (re)emerging situations of concern, such as methamphetamine
  • Promote and hold a portfolio of research grants in the areas noted above and others as appropriate
  • Serve as a liaison and to and participate in trans NIH activities related to opioids


One Program Official to provide leadership and direction for research focused on prevention services research, within NIDA’s Prevention Research Branch (PRB). NIDA’s Prevention Research Branch supports research project and research training grants to prevent the initiation of substance use or misuse and pre-addiction research, preventing the progression to substance use disorder. PRB takes a developmental, lifespan approach, cultivating research on efficacy, effectiveness and prevention services, as well as studies to advance the methodology needed to conduct prevention research. Key duties of the Program official will include, but are not limited to:

  • Establish specific research priorities relevant to prevention services research, including research on dissemination, implementation, workforce capacity, quality and costs (cost benefit and cost effectiveness).
  • Promote and hold a portfolio of research grants specific to the areas noted above
  • Provide guidance and expertise related to the economics of prevention and establish research priorities regarding cost benefit and cost effectiveness research as they relate to preventing use, misuse, and addiction
  • Participate in trans NIH related activities related to dissemination and implementation research


NIH will be accepting applications for Social and Behavioral Sciences Administrator (SBSA) positions though a global vacancy announcement, meaning it will not be a targeted announcement specific to this position, to be posted from 4/1/2022-4/5/2022. Additional information can also be found on the NIH Jobs page: Please note that (a) you can create saved searches to alert you to when job announcements become available on the USA Jobs website ( and (b) there will be two announcements–one for applicants who are currently federal employees and one for those who are NOT currently federal employees. Anyone interested in either position should contact Dr. Tisha Wiley for SRB positions ([email protected]), Dr. Marsha Lopez for the ERB position ([email protected]) and Dr. Amy Goldstein for the PRB position ([email protected]).

Thank you for your interest.