New York University School of Medicine

The New York University School of Medicine Hub is conducting a large multisite trial to compare the effectiveness of extended-release buprenorphine (Sublocade, XR-B) to extended-release naltrexone (XR-NTX). The trial will enroll individuals prior to release from jail and randomize to either medication option. The first dose of medication will be administered prior to release, with an additional 24 weeks of treatment received in the community. Participating jails are located in Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Oregon. The study will measure retention in treatment, and opioid and other substance use outcomes between the two medication conditions, as well as a sample of individuals who opt for other treatment options (“treatment as usual”).

Study Aims

Compare the effectiveness of XR-B vs XR-NTX on medication adherence (retention)

Measure opioid and other substance-use outcomes

Compare study subjects to a treatment-as-usual sample

Identify implications for the use of long-acting injectable MOUD in justice settings

Study Sites



New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York


Study Settings

Jails (5)

Principal Investigators

Headshot of Josh Lee

Joshua Lee

MD, MSc, New York University School of Medicine

Headshot of David J. Farabee

David Farabee

PhD, New York University School of Medicine


Jan Gryczynski, PhD

Friends Research Institute

Headshot of Lisa Marsch

Lisa Marsch

MD, Dartmouth College

Headshot of Sandra Springer

Sandra Springer

MD, Yale School of Medicine

Headshot of Elizabeth Waddell

Elizabeth Waddell

MD, Oregon Health & Science University

Justice Agency Partner

  • Dr. Pracha Pete Eamranond MD, Chief Medical Officer, New Hampshire DOC