Bonus Aced It Episode: “Language Matters”

Listen to the bonus Aced It podcast episode Language Matters

Season 3, Bonus Episode: This episode is an update to our very first Aced It episode titled Language Matters.

The words we use to describe certain individuals or groups matter greatly. Words possess indirect connotation or tone beyond their direct meanings. This episode considers language around individuals and groups involved with the criminal legal system and offers suggestions for how to make sure language is specific, stigma-free, and humanizing. This episode fits nicely with the JCOIN goal of capacity building and enhances the entire LEAP curriculum.

For more information, download the one-pager for this episode (PDF) and visit the The Language Project by The Marshall Project.

Cox, A. (2020). The language of incarceration. Incarceration, 1(1), 2632666320940859.

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