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The Texas Christian University (TCU) Hub is testing two different strategies to implement an Opioid Treatment Linkage Model (O-TLM). This model is designed to link individuals under community supervision with appropriate community-based treatment services. O-TLM seeks to improve interagency collaboration through staff training and cross-system data sharing. The study examines how best to implement this model, by engaging 18 sites in Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas. In half of the sites, a “vertical implementation” approach will train all program personnel within each unit simultaneously. In the remaining sites, a “horizontal implementation” approach will train one “lead-off” unit which will test and refine its procedures, and then it will train other units until the model is adopted agencywide. The goal of the study is to learn how best to implement new models of service delivery, and to discover whether individual treatment outcomes vary depending on the model used.

Study Aims

Compare vertical and horizontal strategies for implementing organizational changes

Increase access to behavioral health and MOUD services for individuals under community supervision

Increase retention in community-based treatment services

Improve outcomes associated with public health and safety

Study Sites


New Mexico


Study Settings

Probation/parole (18)

Principal Investigators

Headshot of Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight

PhD, Texas Christian University

Headshot of Danica Kalling Knight

Danica Knight

PhD, Texas Christian University

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Noah Painter-Davis

PhD, University of New Mexico

Headshot of David Olson

David Olsen

PhD, Loyola University Chicago

Health Agency Partner

  • Dona Howell, Consultant

Justice Agency Partners

  • Rene Hinojosa, Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Pam Carey, MA, ICCJP, Consultant